Advanced Glossary

Personnel Development

this term operationally relates to the development of competences of the employees for the attainment of the business goals by optimum use of human resources. Personnel development is increasingly seen as decisive strategic success factor for competitiveness of an enterprise. It has to assure the permanent balance between the aims of the enterprise and those of the staff and the training and operational education and summarises all further training measures.

Personnel development is closely connected to organisational development and operational work in the field of training. Measures and concepts for personnel development are mainly oriented on the individual requirements of the employees. The training in the context of personnel development is no longer primarily technically oriented, but increasingly designed as extensive development of competences.


Material that was first used by a consumer and now has been turned or recycled into something else.

Pre-Consumer / Post Industrial

Material that came from a manufacturing process that has not made its way to a consumer and can no longer be used by the creator.


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