Social Enterprises’ Marketing

Learning Objective:

The purpose of this module is to give you an overview of what social marketing is, why you must consider it as part of your social enterprise (SE) marketing strategy and how you can achieve maximum results and contribute to social issues using marketing theories, tools and techniques.

Social enterprise is a unique way of doing business so you need a unique concept to implement in your marketing strategy! Planning your marketing activities involves assessing who your target market(s) are, how you meet their needs with your products and/or services and how to market your SE, your products and services effectively. Everything you have to do is to look at marketing in general, to think creatively and tailor the knowledge to the individual circumstances of your SE.

Estimated time:

It will take about 90 minutes to go through this module. The application of tools and exercises will require additional time.


What is social marketing and why it is particularly relevant to social enterprises? Can we sell causes and ideas in the way we sell our products? All these are questions which answers will influence your decision whether or not and how to implement your marketing strategy in terms of doing social good.