Advanced Glossary

Development of Competencies

in vocational training this term includes the existing and new competences gained in-house or elsewhere by the individual, groups and organisations. As a constituent of personnel and organisational development, the development of competences is mainly identified, developed, implemented and judged in the work process. Development of competences can also be viewed in the context of processes of change, through the lens of management of change processes). Development of competences is an active process which is largely guided by the individuals themselves; thus, self-paced learning plays a central role.

Apart from traditional further training and qualification measures (e.g. seminars), learning in the process of work contributes greatly to the development of competences. Development of competencies at work calls for the existence of conditions conducive to learning, e.g. the existence of freedom of action at the workplace and tasks with problems that go beyond routine action.


is a business development strategy allowing a company to enter additional lines of business that are different from the current products, services and markets.


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