Go Green

Learning Objectives

This unit aims to show how turn business into green practices, and understand the importance of sustaining the green strategy. The success of green business has shown that it is economically feasible and in fact very sensible to do business in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. This unit will explain the essentials of the green business and demonstrate the methods for effective implementation of a green strategy.

Estimated time

It will take you about 60 minutes to go through the entire module. You will need additional time to do the exercises and apply the different tools.



What does it mean to "Go Green?" Going Green means that you have adopted certain practices and habits that reduce your overall impact on the environment. These practices may include anything from recycling, reducing your energy usage, using public transportation, to buying local products. The adoption of environmentally-responsible business practices can conceivably open up an additional range of opportunities. The move to a sustainable business framework provides numerous niches which enterprising individuals and social firms can successfully identify and service. These include the development of new products and services; improving the efficiency of existing firms; new methods of marketing; reconfiguring existing businesses models and practices; and so forth.