Advanced Glossary


Adaptation, in internationalisation terms, means that a company adapts its strategy with regards to the foreign market it wishes to penetrate; a more costly means of internationalisation in contrast with standardisation.

Alternative Energy

Energy derived from sources other than the traditional sources, such as fossil fuel, coal and nuclear. Alternative energy includes sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal.

Assessment of Demand

An assessment that gives insight into an employee’s qualities. It shows you in which areas an employee may need to grow, adapt to changed circumstances or new professional developments. For the purposes of this assessment we should not use standardised measures, but rather instruments aimed at the individual strengths and weaknesses of the employee and the needs of the enterprise. You can consider this assessment as an opportunity to recognise early the need for further development of the employees and handle both the current and future requirements of the workplace successfully.


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